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The Power of Cannabis Branding

16 Jan, 2019Category : Branding News Standard Uncategorized
The Power of Cannabis Branding

Cannabis Branding will be the difference between success and failure in this emerging legal business.

Branding for any business is fundamental but it is even more essential for the Cannabis industry. Branding is what people buy before they buy your product, the responsibility falls on the designers to build trust on behalf of advocates who have fought hard for this industry to exist. Cannabis branding has to have the same level of professionalism with a clear messaging and consumer connection that is expected from other legitimate industries.

Thorough brand strategies bring greater legitimacy to the industry and offers trust and transparency to new patients and consumers. The industry is increasingly growing and expanding to a sophisticated market that is free of negative perceptions.

Creating products with beautiful packaging and clear brand messaging that could fit as easily on the shelves of Whole Foods as the local dispensary is key to reaching beyond the counter culture consumer and help legitimize the industry.

Branding a Restricted Product

There are many restrictions put on designers in the Cannabis Branding space. Regulations change state-to-state and include everything from required warnings for advertising and packaging, restricted fonts, designs, imagery and wording as well as child resistant packaging requirements.

In order for a Cannabis business to avoid costly time delays and edits, It is important that they work with designers who are familiar with the every changing regulations and requirements.

As creators of Cannabis brands we have come to understand the problems that producers face in this industry and it is our job to solve those problems in a visual way. We are branding two different consumer products in one market with countless demographics. Some products are created for the medicinal user and others for the recreational consumer.


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