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You may be thinking about your cannabis brand all wrong.

03 Dec, 2020Category : Uncategorized
You may be thinking about your cannabis brand all wrong.

What is a Commodity – Products which can easily be substituted for one another.

What is a Brand – The way a company, or products are perceived by those who experience it. 

When you think of your brand do you only think of your logo, colors and fonts?

The visual aesthetic that makes up your brand “face” in the marketplace I important but it is only one small part to what sets up your brand  for success. 

A well constructed brand starts with an understanding of who the customer is and how the product or services serve that customer. It is the feeling they get when interact with the brand and it is the companies mission to passionately to create a consistent emotional connection with that audience over time.  So the first question to ask yourself in the process of branding your company is: how do you want your customers to feel? If you’re able to create and sustain emotional resonance, then your products enjoy the opportunity to go beyond mere commodities and transform into a true brand.

You may think your a brand but you might actually be actually be a commodity. 

How do you know? 

Your a Cannabis commodity if…. Demand exists, but you hold no qualitative difference in the marketplace. Customers usually buy your products based on price.

Your a Cannabis Brand if…. Brands create differentiated products which are

highly desired by their customer base. Customers will gladly pay more to support companies they

believe in, that make them feel important or reinforce some aspect of their personal identity.

If you feel as though the current marketplace is growing uncomfortably + increasingly 

crowded, then it’s time to up your brand game. 

Contact us to and well will help turn your commodity into a brand!

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