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Cannabis Branding | Launch a Kick Ass Cannabrand in 3 easy steps.

08 Jul, 2021Category : Uncategorized
Cannabis Branding | Launch a Kick Ass Cannabrand in 3 easy steps.

Hi, I’m Rachel with Why Workshop Cannabis Design Agency and although these are three quick steps you’re gonna want to spend some time perfecting on each, but one correctly they are guaranteed to set you apart from your competition. 

Tip number one is develop a unique brand story. We call at your Why and you’re going to hear us talk about it a lot on our videos but there’s a psychology behind why people connect with certain brands versus others it’s because people purchase your way over your what and so as  more states go legal now is the time to really think about what sets your business apart 
What about your business gets you excited enough to get up and work on it every morning and build that into a compelling brand story that connects you directly to your target audience. 

Tip number two is build a kick ass brand 
so always be communicating and connecting to your target audience. A brand is more than your logo or your ID system which means your fonts your colors and so on it is the feeling that people get when they interact with you and with your products. So If you think about some of the most successful brands like Apple or Disney they didn’t just rely on a good brand system, They take into account every customer touch point From their logo to their advertising to the way they greeted customers when they entered their properties and they always kept it consistent. 

Finally tip number three is quality equals growth There is no other market right now or this is more true than the cannabis markets you can put thousands of dollars into great branding, influencers and celebrity sponsors but if your product isn’t quality then your reviews will show it and your repeat sales just drop off the map. 

The secret formula is quality products plus thoroughly executed Branding equals continued growth. 

I hope this helps you on the path to  creating a kick ass cannabis brand. 

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