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Desert Grown Farms
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Desert Grown Farms

Desert Grown Farms is an award-winning cultivation based in Las Vegas NV.

The Problem:

DGF approached Why Workshop to help develop a brand point of view and create materials that speak to their brand story.

The cannabis you choose for recreation or medication speaks volumes. At Desert Grown Farms we pride ourselves on growing each plant with your adventure in mind, bringing an assurance that the choice you made is meticulously-crafted, premium-quality, honest, and clean.

The Solution:

After touring the facility, we worked closely with the marketing team to create a unified message of exploration and adventure.  We combined a crisp color and texture pallet with historic navigation devices to create an expanded brand voice.  The brand update has been applied to packaging, advertising, and marketing materials.


  • Client : Desert Grown Farms
  • Date : 2016-2020
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