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Juice Co Cannabis Vape Brand
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Juice Co Cannabis Vape Brand

Juice Co is a multi flavor-mood combo cannabis vape brand.

Why Workshop has been the trusted branding partner of Juice Co. since their inception. From naming to packaging and everything in between we have loved creating this colorfully fun brand with surprises at every touch point to entertain the customers. We are continually dedicated to visually conveying the brand’s playful and educating message through all our advertising and marketing efforts.

Full-flavored organic terpene line. Artfully hand crafted by the finest Cannabis sommeliers, to produce the  finest fruity flavors. 

 Juice Co. custom terpene blends have been created to aid specific issues people are looking to treat. The terpenes are carefully selected and combined in order to promote well-being and healing within the body. 

 Juice Co. has innovated the way we see cannabis today. With a mission to awaken the creative spirit and inner child in everyone, Juice Co. surrounds customers with the most imaginative, colorful packaging and product mix to educate and entertain. Its pop art aesthetic – such as brightly patterned packaging, marketing, and visual merchandising—embody the pinnacle of  “retail-tainment”. 

The ultra-sensory experience is enhanced with delectable smells, terpene educations and a vast milieu of colorful moments of fun whimsy to create a lasting euphoria.

 Juice Co. Appeals to people over 21 of all backgrounds.

  • Client : Juice Co
  • Dates : 2018-2010
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